About Us

Since our establishment, Sterland Roofing & Cladding has quickly gained a reputation as a well-respected and trusted company - not only by our clients, but also by our peers in the industry.

You can rely on our vast experience in the various methods of applying copper, zinc, stainless steel and Colorbond roofing and wall claddings.

Our wide-ranging industry expertise means Sterland Roofing & Cladding can offer you professional advice and suggestions on your project, from the planning and design stages through to completion.

What We Offer

At Sterland Roofing & Cladding, we recognise that our skilled team of professionals is our most valuable asset. We employ only the most experienced tradesmen in order to provide you with an exceptional level of service and quality.

We can offer a suitable product for all customers, from large commercial claddings to durable & striking domestic Colorbond homes. Whether your project is heritage, architectural, commercial, or simply enhancing an existing structure, our high standards of workmanship will deliver a precision- built, quality result for you every time.

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Standing Seam Bellevue Hill Project