Copper Roofing, Zinc Roofing in Sydney

Copper Roofing & Zinc Roofing

The flexibility that zinc and copper offers, gives us the freedom to create brilliant architectural constructions that would otherwise be difficult to achieve with other materials. Zinc and copper are the most malleable of all metals in the wall cladding and roofing industry.

Sterland Roofing & Cladding are the copper and zinc craftsmen when it comes to excellence in roofing solutions. When only the best will do – call the award winners.

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Standing seam roofing

Standing seam and angle standing seam

A traditional European roofing system. Plywood is first installed to the framework, adhesive membrane or sarking (depending on individual project) is installed to plywood.

The pans are then installed with a concealed clip. Each panel is then hand seamed and dressed at the ends to create a no fixing architectural finish. This system is available in a range of zinc, copper, aluminium and Colorbond finishes.

Interlocking panel

Interlocking panel

This system is for wall cladding only and can be manufactured up to 4m long and 300mm wide. These panels can also be installed vertically or horizontally.

This system's first application is to fix a galvanized channel to the existing wall with sarking behind it. This creates an air gap for insulation purpose.

The panels are then installed to these channels to create a great architectural finish. This product is available in a range of zinc, copper, aluminium and Colorbond finishes.

Cassette panels

Cassette panels

These panels are installed the same as above. Except they can be made much larger by in increasing the gauge of material.

The panel is installed using a clip system to allow the maximum movement of thermal expansion and contraction. A galvanized stiffer can be attached to the under side of the panel to increase its rigidity and strength on larger sizes. This product is available in a range of zinc, copper and Colorbond.

Colorbond Roofing

Colorbond roofing

We install all Colorbond products trimdeck, cliplock, spandeck, custom orb, longline, mini orb.

These products range in gauge from .42mm to .7mm depending on product. They are also available in the ultra range.

Rain water goods

Rain water goods

We manufacture and install a vast range of rain water products. From the common quad gutter (most commonly used on domestic homes) to all kinds of custom made products.

All of these products can be made in zinc, copper, stainless steel, aluminium and Colorbond. Some of these products are as follows; half round gutters 150mm to 300mm, rain water heads, downpipes round or square, quad gutter, fascia gutter, fascia covers, ridge capping and many different types of flashing and capping.