Oil Canning

Oil canning is part of all metal roofing materials' aesthetic and we have reference to this on our website and documentation.

The materials will expand and contract with temperature variations. As a result, the panels will have a certain degree of oil canning that may be more visible at different times of the day, as shadows and light fall on the surface of panels.

For an example of this please see the information below supplied by VMZinc:

Transversal junctions/expansion

In Sydney, the temperature range to bear in mind is from 0°C in mid-winter to +90°C on the surface of the metal in the sun at the height of the summer. Assuming an ambient temperature of 25°C during installation, we have to take into account an additional 65°C (expansion) 25°C less (contraction).

For a 10 metre long panel:

A. anticipate an 0.022 mm x 10 x 65 = 14.30 mm increase in length,
B. anticipate 0.022 mm x 10 x 25 = 5.5 mm contraction

The VMZinc website notes the following, which is also in our architectural binder:

VMZinc Maintenance

This canning is in no way a defect of the material or workmanship.

If you would like to discuss this further, please inform us before the project starts.