Why choose Copper / VMZinc?

Copper and zinc are the most malleable of all the metals in the roofing and wall cladding industry. This flexibility provides us with the freedom to create perfect architectural constructions which are difficult to fashion from other materials.

Zinc and copper have stood the test of time; from medieval times to modern day construction. Combining a high recycle rate with a low maintenance rate plus this long life cycle means it’s a win-win-win for both architect and owner. These products do not end up in landfills when they reach the end of their useful lives.

We term copper and zinc the: ‘once only’ solutions. (We do the job once - for a lifetime and for generations to come).

Why is Sterland Roofing & Cladding the leader in copper and zinc?

Just as copper and zinc are special materials, it needs a team with special skills and extended knowledge to ensure the finest results. Sterland Roofing & Cladding are frontrunners when it comes to using copper and zinc for roofing and cladding.

We recognize that correct installation is vital and our expert Northern Beaches based team will ensure that the finished projects are not only beautiful, but meet the highest standards. They also understand electrolysis issues and the finer points of the science behind copper and zinc and why these materials technically outshine all other metals used in the industry.

We’ve established great relationships with many leading architects and builders and so have developed a reputation as having the know-how to handle even their most complex customised projects.

Some of our award-winning projects include:

Mosman Residence - Copper Construction

Mosman Copper standing seam roofing Project

Brisbane Waters Residence – Zinc Construction

Brisbane Waters Quartz Interlocking panels Project