.7 VM Mill Finish

Plus Zinc in Standing Seam Curved Panels
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Zinc Cladding

Wentworth Point Marinas

Multi award-winner, Sterland Roofing & Cladding, was nominated to manufacture and install a specially designed zinc cladding system throughout the development.


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When you choose Sterland, you can depend on our wealth of experience in wall cladding solutions for both residential and commercial applications.
Whatever your project, we ensure a variety of material combinations will blend together harmoniously, both from a design and a construction perspective.


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Your project is important to us. Our skilled team will take account of every detail of your requirements to ensure you get the result you expect in roofing and wall cladding.
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Our tight quality control and professional team ensure we get your job done right – and importantly, with timely delivery over and above your expectations.
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You won’t find a more capable team in the roofing and wall cladding industry. We get the job done right and on time. And we’re especially proud of our unmatched quality and customer service.
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What we can do for you

What services we offer?

A ‘gold standard’ in quality roofing and wall cladding. Our spectrum of services includes: new constructions, alterations and additions in a wide range of metal products – including copper, zinc, stainless steel and Colorbond. We even have tiling specialists to add the finishing touches to your project.

Our Wall Cladding expertise

Our team has a high level of skill in making many combinations of materials work together, both in terms of compatibility and design.

What are our specialties?

When you choose Sterland, you are choosing the specialist leader. We provide the highest standards of workmanship in copper and zinc roofing/walling, plus rainwater goods and leading-edge Colorbond roofing.

A vast range of custom metal goods

Sterland Roofing & Cladding is not only a specialist leader in great roofing and wall cladding. You can also rely on our quality in the design and manufacture a vast range of custom-made copper, zinc, stainless steel and Colorbond products. These can range from rainwater goods to designer feature walls.

What is Oil Canning?

Oil canning is part of all metal roofing materials' aesthetic and we have reference to this on our website and documentation ... Read more »

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Custom Works

  • Colorbond roofing
  • Metalwork
  • Guttering and Downpipes