Another achievement by our copper craftsmen

At Sterland Roofing & Cladding, our specialist team of tradesmen are well-known for their vast experience in the various methods of applying zinc, stainless steel and Colorbond roofing and wall claddings.

And it also takes special expertise to work with copper, since correct installation is crucial.

Working with this material takes expert tradesmanship. Our Sterland team have the skills to create precision-built and beautiful results, as pictured here in this Mosman residence (see below).

The hip detail has been removed and a special tapering of the sheets has taken place to create this seamless look. With no chance of any water ingress, Sterland Roofing & Cladding has not only improved on an age-old method, but taken the design to the next level again. This same principle has been applied to valley area. The Mosman residence has been completed in 100% copper and has once again been one of the outstanding projects produced by the Sterland team.

Copper roofing is growing in popularity due not only to its attractive appearance, but also to its many practical advantages. It’s non-corrosive, extremely durable, fire and water-resistant and can last a lifetime when properly installed.

Our roofing expertise at Sterland means we can offer copper as part our wide range of practical and beautiful residential and commercial roofing and cladding products. We can install and repair numerous styles of copper roofing, be it a heritage property, a classic home from the 60’s or 70’s, a commercial building, or a contemporary residential house.

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Copper hip detail, Mosman project
Copper hip detail, Mosman project
Copper hip detail, Mosman project